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Full Version: LCN Recolution Gel Polish
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Hello again, I've been doing some research online for different gel polish lines. Has anyone ever tried the LCN Recolution gel polishes and liked them? What are your experiences? Thanks for your time!Wink
haven't tried that gel polish ...I have tried their Black Diamond & CosmeTIC gels ...they are fine but there are others I like as well or better that cost less ...fav gel polish lines here seem to be Mani-Q, Cuccio, IBD , OPI Gel Color ...Shellac, Gelish ...I have not read about anyone using the LCN line but if it intrigues you - give it a try!
(I do like Cuccio & IBD but have not tried a lot of brands - Cuccio & IBD seem to be reasonable priced compared to many others & the reviews are good on these lines)
Thanks again!! You are awesome!! Smile