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Full Version: Getting Back in the Business
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Hello, my name is Leigh Ann and I've been a licensed nail tech in Georgia for almost 20 years! Up until 2003, I was very active in the business but then life took my in a different direction the last 10 years. Now, I am ready to get back in the business, but the main obstacle is how mcuh this is going to cost me! Like a dummy I sold ALL of my equipment way back when so I am literally starting over.
I am looking for advice on:

newest latest hottest trends
wholesale suppliers online

Thanks Leigh Ann in Ga

ps. if you want to put a face with my name, i was a runner up in the 2003 Strutt Your Stuff Competition! :O)

I'd definitely invest in a few lines of the gel polishes. My faves are IBD, NSI, OPI and Cuccio. MY fave sog sealer is the one from Cuccio's line. You can find great prices on
Another place to look is for acrylic and hard gel. I've been using their Omega line for years and love it. They also have a huge selection of hard gels, too, if you plan to do those.
I would absolutely first decide on either Shellac, or a gel polish and invest in one of those systems first. Impersonally started with Shellac and then gradually started using Gelish as well. These services are a must, seriously almost all i do. I maybe have five acrylic c,Kent's any,ore, everyone has gone to soak off polish. Yes, this is an investment. Each bottle is on average $15 and a lamp ranges from $150 to $300.
I'd definitely start with gel,polish and then work back into acrylics, which I'm assuming you used before youmleftthe industry, considering thats what was hot then Smile
I think you can build a business in any direction - certainly gel polish, as the previous poster stated, is a hot service. I do wonder, though, if the art of enhancements is being ignored detrimentally because gel polish is so EASY to do! It seems there is a trend to ignore the "harder" services that take so much more practice to perfect, so a tech who is strong in the fundamentals (sculpted or tips) will do better in the long run than someone who just does the "easier" services.

So for skills I would say classes (or watching videos/tutorials online) in electric filing, pink & whites (acrylic & gel), embedded art techniques (young nails is a great source) should be a priority. You sound like you already have those skill sets and just need to sharpen the saw!

For gel polish, lotions and scrubs I like as one source. I use their products both in services and retail - their gel polish top coat is the best out there that I've used, and the colors are great as well. for acrylic, gel, gel polish, education as well as their terrific scrubs and lotions both for back bar and retail. Their cuticle oil is great and the thymol antiseptic is wonderful for lifted nails on toes. for inexpensive confettis and foils for a wide variety of products

This is the link for Ram Products, Inc. They have really good zebra files at an excellent price, which is important for those of us who actually dispose of files after each service. They also have great prices on bits and sanding bands.

Pearson Dental is a great source for inexpensive nail wipes and gloves

Beauty West has a variety of tools and products and they send out $15 off $150 purchase coupons pretty regularly if you are on their email list - I get some general supplies from them
Welcome back!I have been licensed since 1999 but at times I have had to take medical leaves for a yr or 2,but I am just getting ready to get in the nail groove,so if I can help in anyway, email [email protected] GOOD LUCK....Teresa has the Cuccio gel/veneer "match-makers" for about $8 right now. It includes a bottle of gel polish and the matching veneer.

Other gel polish brands run from about $10-15 per bottle, not to mention at least $4 for wholesale veneer - so you can see what a great deal it is! If you want a gel polish line to start out with, you might want to jump on this incredible deal and then branch out to other lines as you move along.

Good luck!