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Full Version: need help with service brochures
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in 3 weeks time iam opening a nail salon and god knows how many things i have in mind at the moment!at the moment my graphic designer asked me to give him a list with my services and my prices and i really need your help on that.i want to offer something new in my town that will make me stand out from the rest.the thing is that the crisis forced everyone to low their prices and i have to compet with them but with all the expences a salon has i cannot lower that much my prices.i was thinking to cut in section my services like starting with basic shape and colour with the lowest price and then add to that.what other things would you suggest to me?something that could add on to my current services and bring new people in the salon?any help would be really appreciated! Smile
Do you do rockstar toes?
i don't offer rockstar toes as they are not very popular in my country at the moment..
Regarding the menu layout - If you have your lowest priced items on the menu first, then be sure to have a call out box in that same section that advertises one of your more expensive services - call this your "signature" or "premier" service. Make sure to outline every single step/product that is included - do not say something like "everything in basic service plus XXX", otherwise it just reinforces that they are paying for the same service plus an add-on. "Nails are cleaned, trimmed, shaped, extra attention to cuticles, paraffin treatment, luxurious massage using xxx oil, etc". When you justapose this more extravagant sounding treatment against the more basic treatment, clients will see what they are missing out on, and suddenly an additional fee doesn't seem like that much for everything they get.

If you can add something to the service like "geometric nail art on thumbs is included" - something like polka dots that won't take a long time to do but is still fun and pretty - include that with this premier service. Or perhaps you can design a signature mani in the colors of your local soccer team, etc.

I recommend considering what you want your clients to choose and list the more expensive services first; if I were your graphic designer, I would have expected this information weeks ago. Make sure that you proof everything thoroughly.