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Full Version: Best Cuticle softener
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Can anybody tell me what works well for them to push back those stubborn cuticles?
CND Cuticle Away
I love VB Cosmetics Cuticle Remover, let it sit while I am trimming & shaping and all of that dead tissue just gently pushes right off, it's Fabulous! The have recently updated their website and I think it is a bit confusing, but worth navigating. The cuticle remove is under the Dazzle Dry category in Mani/pedi. Register with them as a licensed professional to get the professional pricing. Smile
Bluecross love it
What Darcy said! (I find myself saying that often . . . ). Call Kathy Bachi at VB Cosmetics (866.398.9357) and tell her how you heard about their products. Try the urea-based Be Silky Callus Spray also. Products are available in retail, salon and bulk sizes.
I'm personally very sensitive to any of the traditional cuticle removers - they actually make my cuticles red and burn and really seem to dry them out.

Dadi Oil is 95% organic and provides the same softening without the caustic chemicals that can damage skin around the nails with the added benefit of moisturizing!
Thanks for all your ideas !
Cnd cuticle away. Loooove it. I don't know if I agree with the Dadi oil comment. It is amazing stuff, but not great for those tough cuticles. If you have a client with sensitive skin I think warm water wouldhomestlymsoften better.
A skin conditioner/moisturizer is different chemically from a product designed to break down dry skin.
(06-17-2013, 07:05 PM)PrecisionNails Wrote: [ -> ]A skin conditioner/moisturizer is different chemically from a product designed to break down dry skin.

Actually, that's not entirely true. Many moisturizers contain allantoin and/or alphy-hydroxy acids, which work to break down the outer layer of skin/keratin, just like a callus or cuticle remover. The effect is not as harsh or quick, however, because the concentration of acid is lower.

I presume Dadi Oil works on cuticles because the lemon and avocado oils have AHAs to break down the cuticles, but I'm not sure - I just know it works well; a couple of minutes after applying (don't rub in) cuticles are easily pushed off. I've tried using plain almond oil, but it does not work like the Dadi does. I have not tried it for calluses, and don't think it would be effective, because obviously the keratin is much thicker and harder on a callus; but for cuticles it works great.

I swear I'm not being paid by Famous Names, LOL! it's just great stuff!

If only there were a single chemical compound that exfoliated dead skin/moisturized live skin, without preservatives, fragrance, etc. . . .