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hello everyone!
havent posted here a lot, I really need your experience on this one.
I have been looking for adhesive airbrush stencils all over the place. I have found a few places that have them, but the stores (ebay or not) are all located in Germany or europe and refuse to ship to north america (I am from Canada) I just can't believe this type of stencils doesn't exist in the states?? I have been on the lookout for more that a year now, no succes. If anyone knows a place, I would be the more extatic person on the planet!!

here is a picture of what I am looking for (here they used the sponge effect, but they can be used with airbrush as well)

[Image: sponge10.jpg][/img]
Ellen (Air Art Girl on BT) has a full line of stencils. Do a search for her here, she is a great person and fabulously talented.
also try the scrapbooking section at your local craft store!
Yes Ellen is exactly who you need. Contact here at [email protected]
thanks so much, will look into it!


Sure love the pic of the nails you showed. Beautiful!!!
You are looking for what is also called masking. You can get them from Too Much Fun. They have them precut for you. or you can buy the frisket sheets at your local hobby store and cut your own. Hope this helps.
To Much Fun Is Ellen Big Grin