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Full Version: Another NAILPRO Article! (Help!)
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Hi again!

I am already looking for sources for my next NAILPRO magazine article (for October), which is about nail techs who make a difference in other people's lives. The article summary is:

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it make sense to touch on the people who make a difference in people’s lives. This article can include stories about women who participate in philanthropy/fundraising; personal stories of close relationships; techs who visit hospitals or the elderly; basically any good story about pros that go above and beyond to help improve people’s lives.

If you are interested in being a source for this, please copy the following questions into an email and send them to me at [email protected]:

1. Can you share a personal story of how you as a nail tech or salon owner make a difference in someone's life, whether she/they are a client or an organization or someone else?

2. Did something specific happen that caused you to make the decision to do this activity? Tell me about that.

3. What feedback have you received from the recipient of your good actions?

4. How has doing this affected YOU?

5. Have you seen any kind of ripple effect in your salon or among your friends and family as a result of helping someone out?

6. Do you have any tips/pointers for other nail techs who might want to go out and make a difference but don't know how to get started?

7. Please provide your name, title, salon, and city for me so I can properly credit you if I use your story.

If you personally can't help me with this but know somebody who might be able to (they must be a nail tech or salon owner!), please forward this to them.

I need answers by about 6/25 but the sooner the better if you're worried you might forget to do it. Smile

Thanks in advance! Please note that I will have no access to email from Saturday afternoon (6/15) through next Thursday (6/20) but if you email me during that time I will confirm that I got it when I return!

Thank you!

Melisa Wells