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Full Version: What's Essie?
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I just had to share.
A new waxer joined our team this week. She is from Denver (it's a wax only salon). So she was telling me that she was going to get her nails done and she liked the color her last guest had on. " I just learned what Essie was", she said. I said, "What do you mean?". She complimented the woman on her nails and she said "It's an Essie color". My coworker asked her what Essie was and she said "her face almost looked liked yours! lol".
It's one of those things that makes me realize that there is a world outside of the city and obviously it ain't pretty enough! Smile

By the way, I did ask her what she wore and she said she'd never seen anything except OPI in salons in Denver.
I was actually in Bed, Bath, Beyond today, and they had several displays of Essie polishes at the front counter. I actually thought to myself how crazy it was that Essie had proliferated the market so thoroughly. I guess I was wrong...
Lived in Denver 12 yrs and its more progressive than that. Essie was bought by corporate just like OPI and is why they are all over now. Many clients think OPI is the shiznit but to me it dries out and gets thick and globby. The brush is that is worth anything.
They have Essie in Target here.
Someone recommended Essie. I bought several Essie pinks and I like them a lot. Essie does tend to wear better on my natural nails.