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Full Version: charging clients
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Hello- this is probably a silly question-- I'm recently graduated & working in a salon..... I wanted to know how you deal with charging clients when your soooooo new? I feel like I take too long, or I'm not as good as the tech next to me-- sometimes I feel bad charging people for my service?? Or I'll shy away from a fill cause "I'm not good enough"??? But without doing it how do you get better ironically?? I can't do just Gel polish, mani's & pedi's forever?
I do work on a few friends @ home- hard gel for practice!
When I started out I set my prices where I ultimately wanted them to be - on the higher end for my area as I do a lot with glitter/confetti and gel art - it's really difficult to raise prices substantially, but it's pretty simple to offer "specials" when you're starting out.

One thing about speed vs. quality - when I was starting out I simply told clients (even when they first called to schedule) that I was still perfecting my skills, so the service would take longer. I told everyone that I was committed to learning to do nails the right way, in safety, structure and design, and that while the service would take longer the result would be just as good as someone who did them fast.

In the beginning I had it printed on my card that clients would receive $10 off their first RockStar service, nails or toes - if they got any kind of traditional gel or acrylic it qualified. Once they came in they got some kind of welcome item - now I do a goody bag, back then it was a free full size bottle of cuticle oil. I then offered a $5 discount per service if they booked standing appointments. This way they still got a better price and I had the peace of mind of seeing appointments on my books going out a few weeks. It's really true, fake it until you make it. When I had been doing nails for about three months (I started fresh out of school as a solo tech in my own studio) I had clients saying things that indicated they thought I was super busy and that pre-booking was really important. I never said that to anyone, I just listed the benefits to them of standings and pre-booking and they assumed I was full!! It couldn't have been further from the truth at that point lol.
Those are great suggestions - Thank you !!
...and it isn't always about being the best - I guess this is where the 'fake til you make it' comes in ...developed that relationship with the client. You don't have to be the best to grow a great clientele. But DO your best & have a personality that people want to be around ...sell yourself, be interested in them ...make them feel special!