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Full Version: Nexgen Nails
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Hello- the salon I'm at uses Nexgen's an acrylic oder-less dipping system. I purchased a starter kit & Really really like it!
Anyone else use it?
Any tips or tricks to share?
I have seen it and am dying to try out, but cant find a distributor who carries it.
I ordered direct from Nexgen
Is this different or better than Backscratchers Extreme Dipping System?
I found it different & easier. I love doing a french because u dip it to make the smile line - its actually really fun! And they have a lot of colors too!
Hi, I was interested in purchasing this nexgen product. How is it lasting say compared to gelish gel?
Haven't had much call for it personally. A gal in a salon by me loves is nothing like Gelish as it is considered an enhancement.