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Full Version: Home Care handouts for Gel Polish
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Does anyone have a home are handout for gel polish that they made up that they'd like to share? I know there's not much to it, but if anyone has one I'd be thankful to have it.

I got my home care gel polish off of If you go down on the left side you see all articles, click on that and I think it is the second page all the way on the bottom. Home Care Gel Polish. Just click and print then make copies. That's all I did. Plus I do go over the sheet. Hope this helps.
Thanks Sheri!
I'm just curious, what kind of home care are you having them do? My clients love that they don't have to do a thing for the 3-4 weeks between visits?
It's more like an info sheet on what they can and shouldn't do. Like just because it's GP that doesn't mean they can use them to scrape paint off the walls and not expect damage...that sort of thing. And it would be nice if they used cuticle oil.
I want to educate people on what's on their nails and how to take care of it and not abuse it.