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Full Version: pedicure station anyone use this?
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Looking for a new pedicure set up. Anyone use this Pibbs Pedicure Station?,pd.html

Someone is selling theirs for $400 and I just wanted to see if anyone had used it and what their opinions are.
Thanks HeidiBig Grin[/php]
I looked long and hard at that when I started out - it looks great - but I was concerned that the chair back is too low and wouldn't be as relaxing to sit in.
It's not plumbed and does not have massage - so it is basically a chair and bowl on a platform. I think you could create this set-up on your own for around the same price using a chair you know is comfy and a bowl you know you like. That said - it does have the professional look to it and there is no work involved...
Thanks! I use a Footsie Bath so I won't need plumbing. I use a chair from Ikea now and everyone loves it but it's not high enough for me. My back and neck ache. I'm going with this. My husband works too much and will never have the time to build something like this for me lol