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Full Version: Gel description
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Im moving to a spa 2 days a week doing gel nails only. I need a simple description for the menu. Gels are not common here as everyone thinks gels means shellac. All I do is confuse everyone that there is more to it. Help!!!
You can say "structured gels available, as well as gel polish services". Then they have to ask for your explanation.
Are you going to be using tips, sculpting, or just doing overlays? The description would vary depending on those factors. I would probably incorporate the phrase "traditional hard gel" and include the info that length can be added to the nails. If you are also doing gel polish then it's even easier, because you can list both services, and under the heading for each you could highlight the differences between them. You can see my descriptions on my website for an idea.
CandiceAE, I am on my phone and doesn't show your website. Can you post it?
Too much too post - it's in tables so I don't think the copy and paste will work
I meant what your webste is?
(06-10-2013, 10:11 AM)jennie Wrote: [ -> ]I meant what your webste is?

I think you just have to click on the link in her signature lineSmile
I found it, but on my phone, it wouldnt show a link. Its all good now
Sorry, I misunderstood what you were asking! Glad you found it. After re-reading my page, I'm thinking that I might go back and edit - so many people don't know that there are two kinds of gel (more really), so I should probably clarify more.
I agree with Candice about emphasizing the differences, and many consumers still will not understand : ( Be patient as you'll probably find yourself explaining often.