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Full Version: Nail Art Class
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Tess Walters
My class Event is 6/30/13
Highland, In.

This is not a design we will be doing in class. We will be practicing my signature Rose bud so you can learn to do a finished design within two Min's. Then I will show you how to add 3D to make it POP!
I posted this pic because I want everyone to understand, that in my class we will be learning how to build a design by using shapes! Everyone will get a laminated sheet of blank nails to practice on if they purchase an art pen from me for $15.00. If you already have an Art Pen by Be Creative, bring it to class. (You will also be given a laminated sheet to practice on.)

extension cord
Pad and pencil
180/100 grit file
dotting tool
Tips to practice on.
Soak off gel clear
Soak off gel top coat
Clear Builder gel
gel polish for Marbleizing : orange,pink,blue,yellow,white,green,berry,turquoise,
gel brush
Pink coverage gel for nail beds.
crystal glitter for background on the wedding lace design


Vrush Pen Set- Order from
Artisan Art Efex S brush (for marbleizing) Order from http://www.thenailsuperstore
*Art Pen* - please bring your Art Pen by Be Creative. If you need one please let me know right away so I can make sure that I bring enough!

Each student will receive White, beige, & Black Air brush paint by Createx & 3 Jars with screw on lids, laminated sheets of Blank nails to practice on.

$$$$$ Making money is one of many talents I want to teach you. You can buy all the tools and jewels your money can buy. But if you don't know how to sell it, It's just stuff you have sitting in your drawer!
*Know This* Any supplies you buy to learn how to do the designs in my class, are going to be tools that you will use for the rest of your career!
*I was you!* Half way through Beauty school you realized that you were not going to be able to compete with just "The Basics", right????? And now you know you need to learn some nail art because everyone is bringing you pictures from Pinterest! Right????
It is very hard to know when,where,and who you can trust when it comes to spending more money on education,right????
*Your Tool Box* isn't really a box per say. It is a drawer,or a place in your manicure table that holds the things that you find valuable! A tool you might find in your table could be brushes, a sponge, or a drawing you want to paint on a client. But the most valuable tool at your table is your mind! This is where all things are possible! Your mind holds the knowledge that you will use to turn those brushes,sponges,and drawings into cash! And a whole lot of happy customers jamming up your appointment book!
*YEAH!* Now you get to raise your prices again! Wooooooo Hoooooooo!

We will also discuss my idea on how to build your own design book. This idea is a great way to show that client who needs a visual! It doesn't replace Nail art samples. But it does save some time! If your client can look at your book and say- OH, I love that! All you have to say is- What color? And how much would you like to spend?
In this class we are going to learn how each brush functions.
How to use the Art Pen.
Gel painting with whatever gel you already use! Even SOG!
How to do a summer nail designs.
A 3D Margarita out of Builder gel.
My signature Rose Bud with the Art Pen in two Min's. And practice lines,swirls,etc.
Wedding Lace. This is a very easy technique! It may look complicated. But I can teach it to you!
How to sell your nail art before you even start your clients fill! (Yeah, you heard right!!!!)
And we are going to talk about my idea on how to start your own Design Book. And why it is so important to have one!

Hope to see you there. It doesn't matter what skill level you are at. As long as you know how to apply Soak off gel, you can learn anything I will be teaching!
You can email me [email protected] for any questions you might have or go to my FB page Tess Walters. My Event is on the left sidebar.
Wow great !

Keep me posted on your latest updates on the nail art class.