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Full Version: nail art HELP
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Hello- this Nail Art is making me NUTS! I feel like everytime I do it it looks like a 2 year old did it (on a live person)! When I practice on nail wheel/fake finger it's so much better????? What can I do to help myself? I'm so frustrated! And even when I do it I'm only good going in one direction (LOL)???
And it's worse with Natural nail polish- at least gel polish I can wipe off the art & try again.......
Any suggestions???
What medium are you talking about?
I do a lot of hand painted art using water base acrylic paint(Apple Barrel, etc.,) I polish the nail with the color I want for my base and top coat it. After it dries I do the art. If I make a mistake I clean the paint off with alcohol. If it is a small place I use a toothpick wrapped in cotton.
Not sure how much you're doing or what you are trying. Since I am "artistically NOT", I'm beginning with easy arts and moving along. It's harder to work on human nails because they have different shapes and textures. Not to mention you can turn someone's hands any direction you choose and the people move! LOL
I saw a nail brush stroke chart somewhere online. They helped too.
I'm just using the nail art paint with the brushes inside- I could try using acrylic paint & brushes-- even just simple lines-- ugh!
I have to oppologize for being to busy to get back to BT on a reg. basis. My name is Tess Walters and I have been doing nails for almost 31 yrs. I'm giving a class this month in Highland In. on the 30th. In this class we are going to cover so much that you need to know. You don't learn these things without a class! You just get frustrated without one. Each brush has a function that you need to learn. I would love for you to come! You can friend me on FB. And I also have a website you can also find my Blog on my site in the left sidebar.
I was you! I know how you feel at this moment in your career. It's not fun. Let's begin!
Wow Sounds great * unfortunately can't make it :-(
I'm in NJ!
I will check out your page!!!!! Thank you so much!

Anyone with reviews on Nail Stamping- Konad? I saw something called Bundle Monster?

I have an airbrush machine that I got as a gift-- I suppose I will be breaking this out & really attempting it!!!!
Anyone Airbrushing stencils???? Is it complicated?
I bought some plates from bundle master a little while ago, they worked well for me, but I'm more a freehand nail art girl so I don't use them much. Check out YouTube for nail art tutorials, some are really simple and cute. Also try using acrylic paints, any of the decorated nail polish wraps, different studs, stickers, rhinestones, etc... Practice, practice, practice, and just remember just about anything can be used for nail art, so you don't have to limit yourself to hand painted art only.