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Full Version: A problem nail pic ... what would you do ?
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This is a hair dresser problem nail . She had hair pocked underneath and now it is looking so weird for a while... What would you do to heal it ?
[Image: problnokat.jpg]
You already know, she needs to see a dr. and not put anything on it.
I would cut it shorter so as air can get to under it, that way it will dry quicker and not stay moist. It will need to grow out.


Is she wearing gloves when she does haircolor? Looks like to me she has color underneath her nail, which could lead to overexposure to chemicals. As you know we are not to diagnose or suggest treatment. Advise her to go to a doctor and let them tell her what to do. In the meantime, as stated earlier, don't put anything on it and have her continue doing her cuticle oil.
It looks like Onycholysis, but of course we are not doctors. But I have definitely seen this on a couple clients of mine. Shortening the nail and leaving about 1/8 inch to where the hyponychium would attach will help, along with keeping the nail dry. I have a client who had damage done when she was a child, to one of her thumbs. When we put acrylic on her thumb, the old scar tissue began to be pulled on because of the pressure being put on the nail bed every time she used it. We removed the acrylic from that nail and cut the nail back to just under the skin at the edge of her thumb. Every time she comes in, we shorten it back and it is reattaching as it is growing out. I will probably NOT reapply acrylic to this nail once the area grows out and reattaches completely because acrylic makes the nail too hard and seems to be causing the Onycholysis. She did go to a doctor who surprisingly had no clue what was causing it. They want to immediately treat it like fungus, although it has none of the characteristics of fungus?? She told me after we removed her acrylic on that thumb, that she began using hydrogen peroxide and then alcohol to make sure it was dried out after. The nail has improved about 70% at this point. Wont be long before it is reattached and growing normal again. Just my opinion, but go ahead and send her to a doctor just to be safe.
Totally agree here.. she needs to keep it as short as possible, and dry.. She can drop some rubbing alcohol under there after washing her hands.. and after wearing gloves for long periods like if she was doing color. I would keep something sheer or nothing at all .. but most likely sheer to keep an eye that a bacterial infection does not develope between the nail bed & plate. It's also important she not be poking under there with anything.. it's just going to take time to reattach..
That was my opinion too .
This is a pis from a friend of mine and she needed help , because I didn't see the nail actually I wanted to see some other opinions .
Thank you all Big Grin