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Full Version: Bad experience?
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Has anyone had a bad experience with Dollar nail art? Ty
YES, YES, YES. I wanted to order foil and you need at least a $25 order so I ordered a lot of it. I had it sent to my home address (probably a mistake). I never received it and when I called them they told me the tracking showed that it was delivered by US postal service so they wouldn't do anything about it. They would not issue a refund or re-send the items. I checked with my post office but they could not say if it was delivered or not. So....not sure what exactly happened to it but I can't imagine anyone from the neighborhood stealing it, it must've been a small package and what would they do with nail foil? Moral of the story...I wil NEVER, EVER purchase anything from them again! (just the principle of it!)

I've had nothing but good experiences with them. I think if I was purchasing a large amount, I'd inquire about shipping insurance.
Owner needs more pleasant manner and patience... I never have any complaints with ordering from other businesses... ;0)
neither did I. and you would've thought they would offer to re-send the items since it wasn't that much money. oh well....they lost my business.
I haven't ordered from them in awhile, but I do remember it took quite some time to receive my order. I believe it was in the 1.5 month time frame. Once I got everything though, I was pleased with the items.