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Full Version: Tabatha Takes over a nail salon
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Just saw a preview for tomorrow's episode!
I set the DVR to catch it!!
What channel and time, please?
Air Date: Thu 6/6 10:00PM EST
Channel: Bravo
TV Rating: TV14
Length: 60 mins
Genre: Fashion,Reality
First Aired: Jun 6 2013
will be watching thanks
who's Tabatha?
Wow Sue.. live on the moon??? hehehe Smile It's a reality show where this lady Tabatha "takes over" a failing salon .. cleans it up, rips the owner and often the staff a new one.. almost always a deserved thrashing too.. last nights was definitely deserved, but big picture the techs had potential that Tabatha saw, and brought in a big wig from OPI who really helped these girls. Tabatha comes back in 6 wks to see how they are progressing and the salon had a new owner! One who actually knew the industry - the other owner opened the salon because she liked to get her nails done.. and was completely unknowledgeable about the inner workings of the nail world. It's probably going to be rebroadcast.. yup.. set your DVR Smile hahah no excuses!!!

Sat 6/8 1:00PM - 2:00PM, CH 744 BravH
Mon 6/10 12:00AM - 1:00AM, CH 176 STYLH
Mon 6/10 12:00AM - 1:00AM, CH 847 STYLH
Thu 6/13 5:00AM - 6:00AM, CH 44 BravH
Thu 6/13 5:00AM - 6:00AM, CH 744 BravH
Thu 6/13 8:00PM - 8:45PM, CH 44 BravH
Thu 6/13 8:00PM - 8:45PM, CH 744 BravH
Sat 6/15 4:00PM - 5:00PM, CH 744 BravH
Sat 6/15 4:00PM - 5:00PM, CH 44 BravH
I can't believe she sold it! I guess after the "makeover" she probably got a decent chunk of change to get her out of debt.
I was really surprised they didn't talk at all about the need for cleanliness besides just that it looks bad- that salon was filthy!

Didn't you hear Tabatha say she would never have a service because she would be afraid she would get a disease? lol
Totally pissed that I missed it lastnight !!!!!
Yea I heard that about the diseases!
Lexibunny I posted a list of when the show would be on again.. look up a bit
Thank you, I saw those ! Smile Times don't jive with my schedule much. Very busy time for business and fam right now, oh well, hopefully I can catch a marathon or something at some point....Smile
At the top of the page click shows, the Tabatha Takes Over, and you can find this episode- it is the featured one now.

I'm sorry. This seems to be clips of the show. But it will give you an idea of what Tabatha is all about.
Great episode. But what poor character to sell the salon 3 weeks after tabitha shows up and renovates it!! I'm sure she walked out out of debt with pocket money to boot.
Actually its not that unusual - for this show.. Its not a show I watch on any regular basis and of the maybe 6 I've seen, at least 1 or 2 others the same thing happened.. my theory on that - these salons are in SUCH poor shape on every level, the owner really has no business being in business.. I said that to myself with Tabatha's first sit down with the owner.. "so basically you bought this salon because you like to get your nails done?" ya.. she wasn't prepared.. she THOUGHT her years in HR would walk her right into this.. uh.. no..

Jess... she said she was $65k (I'm hoping that's right and it wasn't $650k but I think it had to be $65k, cause if it was $650k that girl needed a beating far more than Tabatha gave her!) in the hole.. I can't see that guy paying her much more than that.. yea it had a major makeover and looked 150% better, the techs hall had promise, and location location - they never really said but if it wasn't at least decent they would have.. but add all that up and I still cant see much more than that if it even got that high.. I have no clue whatsoever what they are paid for just being on the show..