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Full Version: moving to spa without acrylics
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The potential salon im moving to does natural nails only, but I would be able to do gels as they are oderless. This is going to be tough, since acrylics are what I do. But hey, as long as im making $, I can learn to do gels, and shellac all day. Hardly any salons in this town allow acrylics anymore. Thats so strange because that,all we do in mytown
Anyone here have to stop doing acrylics because the salon wouldnt allow them?
I did. I had my small nail salon in a women's fitness center and the women working out there complained of the smell, so I went to gel and gel polish and never went back.
I graduate from nail school in two weeks. A salon in my area has offered me employment (commission basis), and I have good feelings about the salon. My biggest reservation is that they don't allow acrylics because of the smell. Most of the salons in my area allow hard gels but not acrylics, so that's probably what I'm going to hear just about anyplace I go. I do feel like it confines me and my artwork, but I'm pretty sure I can get most of the same things done in gel once I perfect the technique of working with gels with glitter and additives in them. I would love to hear any of your tips as you transition from acrylic to hard gel, as I'm sure that will also help me make the transition.