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Full Version: MASKs?
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Hello-Question #1 -does anyone use a FACE MASK during service ?
Question #2 - are you working in "just nails" salon or a "full service" salon and
What's a better option?
I looked at your question for a good two minutes thinking you meant for the client, lmao! No, I don't use a mask, though I should. Maybe someone could recommend a good one.

I work in a full service salon. Actually, I've only ever worked in FS salons. Just happened to work out that way, so I can't convey how it is to work in a nails only salon. Besides gaining my own clients, I've gained some from the hair side because while what brought the client in was a recommended hairdresser, once they notice we have nails they decide to get a nail service as well. Plus, many clients just love the convenience of getting both services done in one place. I do a lot of manis/pedis during color processing.
Yes, I always wear a mask when filing enhancements. I get them at Ace hardware, Home Depot or Lowes. Make sure it is a Niosh 95 or N 95 rating on the package or your wasting your money. They are not comfortable but are necessary to protect you from inhaling the dust.
I work in a nails only environment.
No I don't wear a mask but I do have a Luraco for dust control. I work in a FS Salon