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Full Version: how much on average do you nail salon owners make a year??? just wondering
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just wondering how much you nail salon owners make a year?

I think you're going to find a tremendous variation here if many are even willing to say ...and averages don't really mean alot most of the time ... it will swing so much from a well established salon to a newer one or rural, small town or what have you ... how big a client base ...being an owner doesn't mean you roll in the dough ...and consider the headaches too. Are you gonna service clients or just oversee many things come into play
I 'own' a very small salon of 1 - just me - and I like it that way. I am currently rebuilding my business after a 7 month leave of absence for family/personal reasons ...I hope that within my first year back, I'll gain the ground I lost ...I live in a rural-ish layed-off industrial, economically depressed area that is saturated with salons ...good luck to me I'd say Confused

sorry for such a vague response but there is no straight forward answer
I agree, it's going to depend on the person's work habit and how much they want to work.
I work about 20-25 hours a week (service hours) as a solo tech in my shop and clear close to 40k. I also sell a large variety of retail, which does make a difference. If I were willing to work full time and book full capacity I think I would probably gross 100k. It all depends on how you structure your pricing and your work hours and your retail...