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Full Version: REFUND FOR NAILS??
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Hey guys, did a full set on a 13 or 14 year old girl for 8th grade graduation 1 week ago the past Wednesday. SO the mother calls me today, Friday 9 days later, to tell me that on Monday (6 days after service ) that ALL her nails just popped off and wanted a refund. What would you have done?
I wouldn't have done nail enhancements on a client that young; that being said, I would offer to give her daughter a manicure, but not a refund.
That was exactly what I offered. That is the youngest I do them on, with the parents consent.
I hope the mother graciously accepts.
The offering of a manicure is a great idea, for sure not a refund. However, let this be a lesson. I had a 5 day policy, and made it public. But, in addition, if they were young kids we made it clear there is no guarantee because they tend to perspire a whole lot more at that age.
I personally don't do any enhancements on anyone younger then 18 and that is only if I know the mother. After almost 40 yrs. in the business I found that they have a tendency to pull them off or chew on them and then it is my fault that their beds look like shredded cheese. There is so many nail products out there to offer them including party nails. Also in all these years I have never refunded any money. Normally in this business that is not an option.
When I was working at a salon (not any more, thankfully), if a client even whispered they were not completely happy, they would not charge or refund their money and zap it out of my pay. Glad I'm gone. I do good work and am very professional. Some of these scammers just like to get something for nothing. I remember doing a pedicure (with the polish the woman brought in). She requested someone else who was booked. As soon as I finished, she went to the desk and complained. They sent her back to the manager who looked at them and said "what's the problem?" and she gave some lame excuse like I used too much of her polish. So the manager said, I'll change your polish, but I am not redoing the pedi. Ugh! Thankfully, there are few of those. As you build your clientele, you can pick and choose.
I had a client, twenty something, mother called two months later saying she wanted money back, claimed the nails floated off in the water in the pool on vacation in Mexico... mother I later learned was a real scammer, had three slip and fall suits going on at the same time.... I became too busy immediately

If you generally have good results with your work and product, you have no reason to feel you erred in some way (not a good fit for tips, using a new product you are not sure of, used a product the client wanted but you did not think it was the best for her)
You have no reason to give a refund.

I hope you had authorization from the parent.... she is underage

There is sadly, the customer who wants a service and does not want to pay for it
and one thing that happens is they travel in packs, if you refund, will see all her little friends for free sets also. It may be she simply misled her mother... if you don't know the client, it is difficult to know.

It can be uncomfortable, but it is worth it. If your work is sound... stand up for it.... do it in a technically sound way with the mom, begin to explaining how you prep the nails, the quality and reputation of the product you use, the usual results, the care you instructed the client to do...
she may be a fair person going on what her child told her, not knowing the kid ripped them off, and there are people who do not get good adhesion.... but, you did the work in all honesty and you should keep the payment for it. If she makes noises, you can produce the signature of satisfied clients...
some people go fishing, if you will refund, it works for them, if you talk a long time about your product, show confidence, they decide it is not a problem... sadly even regular clients sometimes try to make unusual damage my fault (even when I am not charging them for a few more repairs) suddenly remembering they re-potted all their orchids and stripped furniture last weekend... sigh

you have no control over what people do with their nails after they leave.
You cannot guarantee they can't destroy them

I don't do coatings on young kids, they usually don't care for them properly, usually poor about appointments, if I do... I interact with the mother a lot, saves confusion later...

No refunds - ever. Maybe a manicure, but probably not as I don't guarantee nails unless they are willing to stay by my side 24/7 so I can see what they're doing with their nails.