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Full Version: moving again
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My husband's job is moving us 45 min north of where we are and I need to find a new salon to work in. Any suggestion what to ask potential salons. Seems so many salons are just having hairstylist doing shellac instead of having an actual nail tech. I do gel nails with acrylics, so I don't know if that sets me apart enough.
I know it's not always the case, but the stylist around here have no training in nails nails other than school.
nails have become quite specialized ...I would think your skills would set you apart enough ...I'm one of those stylists w/o specific 'nail' training - you're right, you get the basics in school (but same is true with hair ...the real learning begins in the real world) - I do gel mani-s & gel overlays though not a lot of them yet; I have taken the time to practice & learn it well (and this forum has helped me a lot!). Gel mani-s seem to get a bad rap around here & maybe that's why - stylists are simply doing them without taking the time to learn proper techniques first ...I don't really sculpt at this point but would certainly take the time to learn it well (and a few hands-on classes) before I add it to my services if I decide to go that way. I also think to be a really good nail tech - you need to do nails constantly ...not just a few times a week & that's why we as stylists are not as good as the real nail techs (at doing nails) ...of course that is probably a generalization but it does hold some truth I think - good luck with your move!
Thank you loribe! I have been trying to say this all along. I know there are hair stylist on here that do amazung nails, BUT not here locally. I cringe at some of the unprofessional things some do, because they simply dont know any better. Kudos to any of them that get educated!
If you could be the only nail professional in the hottest/best hair salon in town, you'd be ideally positioned. A smart salon owner would recognize your potential.