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Full Version: Federal Law Gift Certificate Expiration Dates(5 years)
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Well, have some answers and probably will have you asking more questions.
If your State doesn't have Gift Card or Gift Certificates Laws, you MAY be under Federal Law. The link is below. Expiration dates and if you can charge a service fee. Diana Bonn (diana from indiana)

"© Prohibition on sale of gift cards with expiration dates
(1) In general

Except as provided under paragraph (2), it shall be unlawful for any person to sell or issue a gift certificate, store gift card, or general-use prepaid card that is subject to an expiration date.

(2) Exceptions

A gift certificate, store gift card, or general-use prepaid card may contain an expiration date if­

(A) the expiration date is not earlier than 5 years after the date on which the gift certificate was issued, or the date on which card funds were last loaded to a store gift card or general-use prepaid card; and

(B) the terms of expiration are clearly and conspicuously stated."
Gift certs can't expire in California... fair I think, money was paid for the gift card, why should it "expire"?
I'm curious about the regulations regarding refunds... most stores do no issue a refund for gift cards, a pain when one is given a gift card to a store or for a service not wanted. I still have a $75 gift cert for a massage to a local place I would not patronize... given in 2001...

In the salon, my gift certificates say the gift card is a dollar amount, not the value of the service stated, that I guarantee the value of the service for a year, after a year there may be a supplement required in the event of price increases ... I have seen people show up years after the purchase of a salon gift cert, wanting a manicure for a special offered by another manicurist, the amount on record is $7.00....
And that I keep a record of the gift, guaranteed for one year... if they lose the card I honor it, after a year, they need to produce the gift card. But you have to keep good records, client will find the card and think they did not use it yet... have only had a couple serious potential cheaters ;-)

Have only had one 2 clients insisting the purchased a gift card they could not find, wanting the service when it was not in my records (never happened), the importance of keeping a record of gift certs issued (and I print my own amusing cards (most gift cards are boring), side effect, nothing purchased or standard gift card printed will duplicate), easy enough to do with Publisher or something similar.