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Full Version: Beauty Brands Job?
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Just wondering if anyone has worked there and your thoughts. I'm wanting to start somewhere pt like Saturday and Friday nights. Just an idea to make extra money without the investment cause I'm under contract for 2 yrs at a large pharma factory.

Hello....I worked at Beauty Brands here in St Louis for about 7 months as a second part time job. Pretty good company to work for as they provide all of your products, the pay is pretty good, and they help market you. The down side is that their prices for their services may or may not be what you would charge as they have a sliding commission scale and you don't get a retail commission. You would still also need to market yourself like you normally would in order to build a clientele, but because it is a salon, they will allow you to cross promote with the stylist which is great. But as we know, you get out of it what you put into it. All-in-all, not a bad company to work for. Hope this helps!
Tor the info. I really just want to do mani pedi no enhancements. Would they want a natural nail tech. I eventually want to do enhancements but need to build those skills more.