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Full Version: Product won't stay on
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I have a new client. She told me that nail polish never lasts, that when she tried acrylics, they started "popping off" the same day she got them, and that she tried gels, and that they peeled off quite immediately as well. She said the Nail Tech told her she has "oily nail beds"
I told her it was most likely application. Well, egg on my face. I properly prepped, etched, stayed away from the cuticle, and sculpted a beautiful set of gel nails on her. When she came in today for a two week rebalance appointment, she didn't have even one gel nail on. She said they lifted at the cuticle and popped off in one solid piece. Ironically she was happy because her natural nails have never been able to get so long before??? I've never seen this before, I'd like to be the problem solver here, but am stumped. So today I just gave her a nice manicure. Any ideas please.
I'd have to ask her to come to see me one week later just so I can see them. I've had one client like this and I did everything I could think of before passing her to another tech. She couldn't keep them on her either.
One of our techs had this too. She solved it by soaking her client in acetone for 10-15 minutes to really dehydrate the nail plate and double primed her when prepping. Worked for her.
that makes sense. I've got a client who's nail beds are very weak, can file her nails, they have to be clipped because they're so soft. Regular prep will result in her nails taking forever to to 'chalk up'. I've started squirting a bit of acetone on each nail and letting it air dry naturally and they're chalking faster and the nails are staying on better.
That does make sense. Think I might have her come back and do a sample nail using that method. Thanks so much.