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Full Version: Seche Vite Ultra V
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I'm probably late to the party but I just saw the Seche Vite Ultra V and got really excited. It seems to be the answer to my issue of to invest in more gel polishes and is to become of my regular polishes. Anyway, I wish to have some feedback about this product...the pros and cons; how is the application; how is it removed ( I assumed by soaking or filing); would it be recommended for natural nails. Also, any additional info and tips and tricks Thanking you in advance.
I don't like it.
It is removed just like regular polish. It is not a gel topcoat it is polish that is uv cured. It does not last any longer than regular Seche Vite...the only advantages are fast dry time and it does have a high gloss shine that stays shiny.
Thanks very much
can i use this over my gellish or shellac? i find the gellish top coat and shellac top coat yellows....
I use on all my clients its so much easier to dry uv than when using reg to coat and smudging after doing a lot of nail art!!