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Full Version: Acrylic liquid??
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Anyone use Attraction NSI verses Young Nails??? One instead of the other with better results. ( lifting clients). ?????
I just started using NSI Attraction. I put it on myself and haven't had any lifting. Young Nails is a great product as well, but I just wanted something more affordable that was still a quality product. You can purchase a sample kit and see if you like it. So far, I love it!

Bowie, MD
I have been an NSI user for over 5 years and LOVE IT!!!
Thanks Chrissy and back2 you..... Forgot to ask what primer works best in your experience
Thanks again!!!
I use the Attraction primer, but I also like Nailite's Something Wonderful - both are acid-free. For clients who are more prone to lifting, I use NSI's Superbond, which is an acid primer.

Bowie, MD
I have been using young Nails for three years and love it. It is not l to p ratio is not sensitive I use tammy taylor primer. No lifting