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Full Version: Nail appliques application help
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Following a post by another user i called mystique appliques and got some samples. I also have some over-the--counter appliques that i cant figure out either. Ive been trying to apply they to myself but think my nails are to barrel shaped. I have really deep sidewalls on my pinkys and ring fingers.
When i apply the appliques i strech them and file like they say to but they wrinkle on the sides like trying to wrap a basketball with wrapping paper. Ive got little triangular flares on both sides of the nail and i cant get them to lay down. If they do lay down then i get a wrinkle in the middle of my free edge. Im really frustrated cause i want to offer these services. Anyone have advice?
I work with them under a warming lamp. It makes the applique more flexi /pliable and they seem to lay down much better that way.
Even the ones that dont require heat to apply?
I havent experienced this issue, this might sound stupid, but do u trim it up real close to the nail before filing? i try to trim it to the shape of the nail then file..
yes you can apply heat to any of them. you might also try cutting a small triangle out of them at the fe so you can pull the slack over at the edge or where ever you need that help. some designs can overlap and not be a noticable problem.

i use my blowdryer