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Full Version: Bonder that needs curing
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Besides Light Elegance is there any other bonder out there that needs to be cured? Also who else makes glitter gel?
If you're talking about a primer, you generally DON'T have to cure it but it does help sometime. Not sure what the reason is for it, but it DOES work.
If you're talking about the basing gel, then yes, it does have to be cured.
Pretty much all the gel co.'s offer glitter's easy to make your own, too. Mix it with your reg. gel or you can sprinkle the glitter over the top of uncured gel.
ibd bonder has to be cured. Like Donna mentioned, most don't but I find with the ibd gel, the product performs better when you cure it. I tried to use it with another brand's bonder and the product lifted.

As far as glitter gels, Light Elegance makes the best glitter gels on the market in my opinion. The glitters are rich, easy to apply, and they last. Even the shine lasts....I love them!

Gel II has some SOG glitter polishes that are very pretty. They are not LE, but they are gorgeous.

Bowie, MD
I use yn's protein bonder which you don't cure but...if you have a problem lifter, cure it & it helpsSmile
I also mix a lot of my own glitter but have a bunch of le's glitter gels, the diamond shine glitter gel rocks! My clients love it, I'll never be able to stop using that one lol!
Another perk with le glitter don't have to stir them! I love that, no waste Smile