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Full Version: Morgan Taylor Polish
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So, I am looking for opinions on this polish. I have bought 4 of them myself and am still making my mind up on it. It takes a bit for clients to come back in to see how they held up.

Thank you for your opinions. I didn't see anything about this polish on this forum except people seeing it at a show.
just tried last week, so far colors are pretty, just went on a little thin .
Hi Tonja,

I bought one color, a dark burgundy shade with some sparkle. I thought it was a little on the thicker side - so I applied it as thin as possible. I wore it for a few days and it started to chip on day 2. I wear gloves for everything and I apply cuticle oil religiously. I'm not hard on my hands and I made sure dehydrate my nail plate, applied a good base and top coat.

I thought about trying one of the lighter shades, thinking the vescosity of the polish may be thinner, but I'm not interested in investing in another polish like. Overall, I wasn't impressed. While I'm a huge Gelish fan, I was quite disappointed with this polish.

Bowie, MD
I also bought a glitter polish to try. It definitely needed two coats to bring up the true color. The glitter seemed very chunky. It did not seem very smooth after top coat was applied. It's a shame because the color looked beautiful in the bottle.
I'm wearing "Nautically Inclined" on my toes right now. I agree that their viscosity is thicker than some, but it was fine. It has held up well in my expirience, but I've only used it on toes.