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Full Version: LCN Gels anyone?
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I'm thinking of trying some of these products ...I find no instructions at all on their website I to assume this is standard gel application procedure? Has anyone tried these products? I'm considering Bondique Black Diamond & CosmiQ. They have trial kits for each of these that come with a base coat & a top gloss ...I'm assuming it is not a soak off product(??) ...thanks for any info!
I considered & felt too expensive!
There's sooooooooo many gel companies out there its overwhelming- and until you put the Brand gel onto a person & see the "wear & tear" of the products it's hard to tell what works. I have several brands & can't decide which is best- I'm narrowed down but just don't know what to do myself!!! I looked @ LCN- cost to buy- costs to charge & decided no on those......
I do see they are pricier than most ...I'm really thinking of it more for problem nails (my own included) rather than good healthy 'normal' nails nails are very thin and flimsy and I'm hoping Bondique will adhere better ... I have tried all the tricks & recommendations & about 5 different brands ... I still get free edge separation after about a week (sometimes sooner) - I like to keep 1/10 - 1/8 inch of length on my nails ...maybe I'm just asking too much from a gel on my nails. So far Brisa Light has done about the best for me but I'm gonna give this line a try too.
I just invested in the Black Diamond Kit and I'm trying it out now. I have very deep C-curves so I also get a lot of separation on the sides of my nail as well. Compared to Brisa Lite sculpting, so far I've noticed CND is easier to use. I also like that they have a sheer pink I can build with. Black Diamond is harder so I can get away with a thinner layer. As for wear, I'll let you know in a week!