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Full Version: Gel sealers/ Love ,hate !
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K, I just don't know if it is me, and I am a total moron, or if gel sealers hate me, whatever....I absolutely love the finish a gel sealer leaves on my pink and whites, the problem is, it either goes on perfectly, or come out with issues like separations, spikey things, or heres a first, no shine on all but the tip of the thumbnail...( bulbs are brand new, just changed them Weds). I have tried leaving the acrylic with scratches, that has helped a little, but believe me I have tried a number of things, different brands, last night I used YN Finish, and still have probs. Before I apply, I dust the nails, and scrub them off with a nail brush w some a pump of Scrub Fresh. Any finishing tips u can offer so I don't have to hold my breath every time my nails or my clients come out of the light ?
Having that happen can be Frustrating! I know that when I used some of the Tack-Free sealers over acrylic, if they were applied too thick, I would get spikes here & there...GRRRR! That is a big reason why I prefer a sealer that leaves in inhibition layer, no spikes and I think it has a superior shine.
When you say "Separations", are you referring to little bald spots in the sealer or the gel sealer actually separating from the acrylic? If it is separating from the acrylic, I would try applying your gel bonding agent (primer), over the acrylic before the sealer.
First thing I would try is using a clear cleanser, like 99% Alcohol or Pure Acetone or a combo of both, instead of a cleanser with dyes in it.
Hope this is a little helpful. Smile
Thanks, Darcy ! Smile The separations are bald spots, and dimples. What sealer do you use that needs to be wiped. I would use it if it gave the same high gloss, without the fussiness ! Smile
I use Light Elegance Super Shiny. It has an amazing, Non Stainable, Non Yellowing shine. Smile
What Darcy said!
Fabulous ! Thanks for the advice ! What distibutors carry this online ,since I know for sure none of my locals carry it ?
In my experience bald spots are caused by the sealer being applied too thinly, and dimples from oils on the nails prior to the sealer being applied. I use 99% IPA to cleanse the nails before I apply the sealer and after I dust off the nails with a manicure brush. I know this is frustrating!! If you float the sealer on instead of polishing it on, it might work better for you. Spikes usually occur when the sealer is applied too thickly. If the tips are shiny and the rest of the nail isn't, perhaps your client's fingers were not placed properly into the lamp. There is a fine line but you can find it Smile
Id have to say Light Elegance for a gel sealer is the best. But I always go back to Backscratchers Glaze sealer. Ive used this stuff for atleast 10 years and it just makes the p&ws pop so much more than a gel sealer and it never yellows.
With the bald spots, sometimes I have noticed the gel pulling away in those area before the hand goes in the light. I'm thinking it's not related to curing. I always check after applying for bald spots before going into the light.
The bald spots could be because of residue from the Scrub Fresh is still clinging to the nail, but you just can't see it. Maybe use a squirt bottle with just some water in it at your nail table instead. Dust them off with the nylon brush first, then squirt water on the nails & use the same nylon brush to cleanse them. Dry fingers off with a towel before applying sealer.

I don't use anything other than a nylon brush to dust off the nail before I put the tackless sealer on. I've used both LE Super Shiny (awesome), but the Nailite sealer that recently came in my pack of Test Tube colored acrylic powders works fantastic & it's very cost efficient, too!

Jill Wright
My vote would be for LE super shiny or Nailite Tackless sealer.