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Full Version: Booth renting with commissioned nail techs
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Hi I work at a spa and am going to ask about booth rental. There are no booth renters for nails so we would be sharing certain products. Does anyone else work in this same kind of situation and how would you go about renting??

I did that for a short period of time. Unless you have your own clientele, it is a little difficult because any walk-ins go right to the commissioned people. This worked for me while the owner had some undependable commission people. I was going to ask to go commission, but since nails are my second job, I really didn't want to be committed to 2 bosses!
I'm sure it can work in some cases, but I'm pretty sure they are few and far between. From my experience, the salon owner is generally going to protect their own business and put new clients with their people.

If you choose to go ahead with it, make sure your rental contract is VERY specific. Will you pay for the use of the pedicure throne? Will you be charged for hot water? (Don't happened to me.) Will the owner provide a locked cabinet or closet so you can store your equipment and supplies? I experienced lots of theft when I worked rental in a salon. Does the owner provide the manicure table and other fixtures? Who pays for towels and laundry expenses?

What about the clients you have now? Are they going to be the salon's property? Or will you be able to claim them as yours in your rental business? If they get their hair done at the salon and you chose to move, you may have trouble with a non-compete clause. Not only that, sometimes client loyalty gets lost in these situations, leaving you with an empty book. Clients do not like to be put in the middle.

There are SOOO many questions to put on the table! Put everything out there that you can possibly think of, no matter how small or trivial it may be. It's the things that don't seem to matter at first that end up being the monsters later on!

Unless you have a VERY strong book with lots of referral business, I would be against it.

Good luck!