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Full Version: need of your help!
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hello to you all! i would really need your input on a matter of mine!i'm opening a salon in a months time and i'm thinking of the service menu and what i can add in order to offer something different in my town.i was thinking to do the themed pedicures and also to do thai style manicures and pedicures.i have found a company that sells a full range of products but they don't have a distributor in my country and the shipping cost is very expensive and i don't want to have high prices in the begginning.i was thinking to make my own recipes and add oils and sugar scrubs with herbs and other materials to achieve the desired thai style.could you suggest me of what i could use just to associate the thai style thing?any other suggestion on the list would be really helpful! Smile
no one has anything to suggest??[/align]
Check out the Nails Magazine website - they have great recipes for pedicures you can customize and add your signature touch on it. Also make sure you do your homework and find out which essential oils are best for mixing so you can enhance the customer experience. I believe there was an article in Nails or Nailpro earlier this year on essential oils...check their websites for that info. I hope this helps! Good luck!

Bowie, MD
thank you for your reply!i have been searching in the nail magazine blog but i didnt find a specific recipe that would be thai style thats why i asked here.i got really furstrated since iam about to open in a months time and have so many things to solve and not enough time!what are the other things i should consider to organise my salon?what the salon owners here advice me ? Smile
In the last salon I worked at we did Ice Cream Socials and used the Me!Bath line. Awesome stuff, but pretty pricey. We started off the season with serving cups of ice cream during the hot towel portion of the pedicure.
thats a very nice idea!especially in the summer time! what other extra special adds you did at your salons that made the difference from other?i hope to gather info as im starting to making my service menu and i got totally confused! Confused
could you please give me the link for the line you suggested or if you know any other brabd that has same products!