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Full Version: miele vacume
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can someone advise me on which is the best vacuum model out of the miele vacuums to use for nail-dust. Or if there is a better vacuum make that someone uses.
Maybe I just overlooked it? But I didn't see anything on their site for nail use. Do you mean a vacuum for general cleaning? Or do you mean a nail dust collector? If that's the case, I know Valentino seems to be the snazziest one most nail techs have on their wishlist, including me ;P
I use the Salon Pure Air, which works for dust and fumes/odors. It is the best IMO, and the third system that I invested in because the others didn't cut it. I wish I had saved my money and just started out with this one!
I have at least 4-5 clients who have acrylic nails per day, and wondering if the Salon pure air1 can do the job in eliminating acrylic vapors.
Thank you!