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Full Version: **my recent work (pics!)
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Wanted to share my latest work!
[undefined=undefined][Image: DSC_0647_zps71f1de78.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0639_zpsfa9b4fee.jpg]
[Image: 20130518_101702_zps07dfb760.jpg]
[Image: 20130518_101640_zpsa14c006f.jpg]
[Image: P5170480_zps15269624.jpg]
[Image: P5170477_zps6de7cf3f.jpg]
[Image: P5170472_zps168fb6aa.jpg]
[Image: P5160470_zpsd4084e93.jpg]
[Image: P5020461_zps5e11ea7f.jpg]
[Image: P5010458_zps761b29a2.jpg]
[Image: P4250456_zps4a849dc1.jpg]
[Image: P4250451_zps1db4ada6.jpg]
[Image: P5160468_zpsc83d8129.jpg]
Gorgeous! What products do you use?
nice work Kristina ! Smile
beautiful stuff!
Very nice =)
wow - beautiful!!
beautiful, very nice