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Full Version: clients who want their nails cut so short
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Some of my pedi clients want me to cut their toenails so short ...shorter than I am comfortable doing. How do you handle that?

I also have a man who gets a manicure & he wants his nails trimmed very short so there is no free edge at all - it doesn't even leave me enough nail to shape. UGH!
I use my clippers and get as close as I can then file the rest. I just need to be gentle and go slow so I don't tear any flesh. Never had a problem. On feet, you can use your cuticle nippers to cut the nail close, that's what I do. Use your fingers to hold back the nail folds too to get close when filing.
I usually explain to them how cutting their toenails super short and rounded is not the best, could possibly lead to ingrowns, yadda yadda yadda and pretty much every time they're surprised at the info because no one ever told them that. I normally compromise with them by telling them I'll cut the nail straight across right where the bed starts and just *slightly* file the corners back so it doesn't bug them.

I, too, have a male client who likes a hairline free edge, if anything at all. I just make sure to file slowly and carefully. And even though I've done his manicure plenty of times, I always like to check and ask. But I don't complain if there's barely anything to file (I'll be honest, sometimes I'll just pretend LOL!) because it just makes that manicure go quicker, heehee. On to the next one!
Most of my male clients want NO free edge, so I do the same. cut then slow file.
I have 2 women that like their nails with a hairline free edge because of type of work they do. I file slow and mostly buff.
I'm appreciating the tips! Thanks!