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Full Version: new position at salon
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I'm about 2 weeks into a new nail tech position. I was another salon while inschool--it was where I had been getting my hair done. The deal I had w/ the owner was I provide & bring EVERYTHING and got a higher commission. I liked working w/ the products I wanted to work with! I did pretty good there, but I was trying to promote myself at craft/vendor events and started to get very negative feedback from "people" while talking about this salon. Then add on the lugging back and forth my supplies (1 giant bag, and 2 large bags plus pedi tub -she hadn't had a nail tech in years there), and she's a bit of a nosey body, and talks about everyone to everyone-and quite pushy--I looked for another position. I had 4 offers in 1week! So, I left there on VERY good terms. My classmate & friend is still there for the time and the owner quickly booked my clients w/ her--whatever can't worry about all of that yet-- my issue is the new place. I do NOT want to be labeled as a 'salon hopper'!! The new place is updated, beautiful, a private pedi area, there's another nail tech there (15 yrs exp), there's 7 I chose this place. I've even had this nail tech previously do my nails awhile back....I'm there 2 weeks and I just don't feel "comfortable" or that I "fit in yet". At my last job- I quickly was at ease (other then the above mentioned complaints). Then this last time I was working a few odd things happend. The owner told me they don't do as much shellac as she would like, they only have a limited set of IBD, they use this cool Nexgen acrylic sys, and do a lot of natural nails--she was happy I do a lot of gel polish and I am more comfortable w/ gels... a good balance w/ the current girl there. I was doing shellac on my client (who followed me) and the other Nail tech was soaking off the Nexgen on her client and we were all making our own chit chat when we overheard the other nail tech saying to her client about the Nexgen being safer then gel and something to the wording of "If people want to stick their hands in that light and get cancer then they can"--while my clients hands are IN TH UV LIGHT....YIKES....Her and I just chuckled and I re-assured her it was fine--HOW awkward!! I don't want a confrontation or a debate w/ a co-worker, and I don't want to run to the owner over spilt milk! Then one of the stylists asked her client if she wanted a Mani and she said yes. So as I was doing the mani I explained to her all about Shellac and leaving w/ it completely dry, etc....She booked her next appt w/ me for Shellac and a Pedi. After she left the stylist came to me telling me that she knows I want to promote the Shellac and all but she wears regular polish because she knows how damaging the gel polishes are and she doesn't think it's a good thing for her client to have it applied....AWKWARD? I said to her I understand her concerns--but it's safe and as long as your not Peeling It Off-she will be fine, and that the client was the one booking the appointment and she didn't have to if she really didn't want to.
I hate the feeling of the "new kid on the block"....and now I feel like the "devil" posioning the clients.
Lastly, I have a gel product that I have been talking about using for awhile (not crazy about IBD). I have a small size of the gel and have showed the owner...she was interested in getting a new gel line in the salon. I haven't had a moment to really talk w/ the other nail tech about Gel and would like to try to get w/ her to discuss products, etc.... Either she was w/ a client, or I was, etc....
I guess I'm just not feeling like I'm fitting in....Is this normal....I thought I'd instantly feel good about my decision and now the comforts of the other place are screaming at me.....LOL???? Yet--all those negative things w/ the other place where too scary. And I really don't want to hop from job to job to job--but I want to be comfortable and feel welcomed :-(
Everyone is really nice but I can't put my finger on the problem.
I'm only there 3 days a week. The other days I have a Part time office job (guarenteed income helps). And I'm not financially in a position to completely give this up just yet--I'd like a more steady clientele first....and this new salon is booking me! I considered maybe going to another salon 1-2 days a week to see how it goes someplace else...I'm just stressing this all out. And the thought of trying to juggle the office job (which is slightly flexible), and 2 salon jobs to see where I fit best sounds crazy to me!
And I'm not entirely sure what feedback from you all I'm looking for --but just trying to vent and see if it's normal I suppose what I'm going through. I know I can always walk back in to my old job--but that negative feedback I got while doing craft shows was what really pushed me out--It wasn't surprising, but It was shocking how many people that I ran into at that event had something to say...I know it will happen -you can't please everyone- but this was a lot more then I expected to say negative things about this owner--YET she is in business 30 years in the same location--which isn't updated at all--yet on a busy busy busy road???
LOL--THANKS for reading all my ramblings on and on and on!
Print out some information about gel polish and uv lamps for your co- workers . You can look back on this site I know it has been on here before .
Boooo, I feel you. It is a bit awkward because you ARE new but you shouldn't give up just yet. Give it a bit more time and try to observe and "read between the lines" if that makes sense. That being said, don't feel bad or weird about leaving for another salon. Sometimes we land in a crappy salon and didn't realize it until we were already in and it might take us a couple tries until we find the best place. I used to work in said crappy salon and while I was offered placement in some really nice salons, ehhhhh.....something just didn't sit right with me. As corny and vague as it sounds, you'll know it when you find it.
Thank u- I'll look & print out some info!! Good Idea!
I know- I will give this more time-- I guess my first salon was more "comforting" because I had been going there awhile to get my hair done.
I think you have to print out info, talk to the stylists, give them a gel mani so they see for themselves (and hopefully talk it up). If I'm not mistaken, people thought that hair dye gave cancer...remind them of that. It takes knowledge. I find that if you can talk about your products people will think you're knowledgeable and trustworthy. Don't think of yourself as the new kid that doesn't fit in but as the new kid that is gonna turn it out! It's pretty awesome being the one that shows folks out of the old school.
I like that suggestion- thank you!