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Full Version: anyone in or around Wichita Kansas ?
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Hi , i'm a nail tech from England but i've been living and working in Germany the past few years !
(my hubby is military ) we now have orders to Kansas , visa allowing we will be there next month !
i've never worked or lived in the US , so i'm kind of scared lol

I know no one there , or much about the area ,
I know as far as work goes I will need to get licensed i've been reading up on it all ,


but it would still help to know someone in the area , and feel a little less alone lol .
I am in Kansas City KS, about 175 miles NE of Wichita. I have lived in a number of states across the US and the people in Kansas are mostly nice and friendly, so don't be scared.

Being a military wife, are you even able to work in the US? Do they give you a work Visa?

Make sure to research online all school/training options as prices for education can vary greatly and paying more does not mean you get better training.