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Full Version: OPI Gelcolor topcoat trouble !!!!
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Ok. We just got the kit this week and ive used it 4 times. First time i did a mani-- i was polishing the nails on top of the light while the other hand was curing. I think the rays are so strong-- that it hardened the brush all crazy looking. I took acetone and got the goopy stuff out of it and it was fine. Next set i did- i waited until the light was off and applied each coat. The brush did it again!!!! Had it NO where near the light...and now it has completely fallen apart.
Plus the " passion" color looks like it has chunks in it. Its weird. This almost reminds me of the Backscratchers system when the activator hardened the brushes
Could this happen? When you are doing the next coat-- could it somehow transfer and harden and goop up the colors? I just dont get it. Im a very anal person when it comes to my stuff. I have everytg in its place-- clean and organized. Im very careful all of the time.
Oh another thing is im a little disappointed in the white. I do hope the next round of colors include Alpine Snow..cuz the FunnyBunny-- remindz me of the studio white in Shellac. Cant do anytg with it!!

Any advice or experiences you all are having...please share. I do love the system-- the light is awesome..and it is really shiny.

Help !!! Wink
Bump......anyone????? I actually used the system again today and in the topcoat was a big glop of semi- hardened topcoat. I pulled it out but it doesnt make any kind of sense. The same happened with the pink.+ passion. Anyone any ideas?? Should i return the 2 bottles?? Can i return them?? Someone has to know...all u testers out there..give a girl a hand.....Smile
I have used the new system several times without any problems with the top coat. I have not used the Passion yet, but did notice that the bottle is a bit sticky on the outside, unlike the others, as if it had leaked a little.

I also read in the paperwork from the demonstration:
"Why do I need Axxium Soak-Off in addition to GelColor? Want glitters and sheer shades? Look no further than Axxium Soak-Off Gel System in jars, as these types of color require mixing (must be stirred not shaken). With Axxium Soak-Off Gel System, you have a greater selection of OPI's sheer colors."

So, does this mean that sheers may have problems in the GelColor system?
Bumping it up again cuz I figure ppl are getting thier kits in??

And does it every single time Ive used it. Its like the residual "reaction" from the light is carrying over into the bottle. Its the craziest thing. And Im working on one hand at a time...not using
the polish when the light is on...and it still does it!

Gets all gooped up and hard..I have to pick it off before I start the application and during it too.

Come on OPI...step up to the plate and explain or PLEASE send me a new topcoat. This is definitley an issue!!!
I haven't had the opportunity to try the new OPI, plan on ordering it this week....BUT I had the same thing happen to my Shellac TopCoat awhile back. And it happened the same way you are describing. It dried all funky, and hardened the brush-and I had put it on with the hand on top of the light while the other was curing. Then cleaned it up, used alcohol and acetone....etc etc....I ended up needing a whole new bottle. I would hope OPI, or the Rep you bought it from, will replace it as well as the Passion. Let us know if you find anything out....sorry I'm no help. I attributed my experience to a bad bottle.
What type of light is your work space normally lit with? I wonder if that could have something to do with it?
I was going to add about the light as well, since OPI gelcolor cures in a LED, if you are using a LED light on your table, it may be causing the hardening of your brush.

Quote:since OPI gelcolor cures in a LED, if you are using a LED light on your table, it may be causing the hardening of your brush.

Exactly... I know the salon I am at has LED lighting... it may just be a fluke that your normal lighting happens to be the right wavelength to cure the line
Just wanted to check in and let you guys know that I emailed the company on Monday..and still havent heard anything back yet.
?????? boy, the reps sure are bent on selling these kits...but I cant get help when I need it !

Im using my 2nd brush now (used a empty shellac bottle brush) and its ruined HAS to be the product. Has to be.

Our salon has either the old fluroesent (sp) lighting or just regular table light is one of the old swing black ones...w/ just a swirly bulb... and 'if ' it was the lights..theorecticaly it would do it to all of them..just not the top coat.
But Im gonna have to get yet another brush...because this one is all gunked up and I cant pick the stuff out anymore w/o it falling apart...

This really, really bums me out !!!!
Where do you buy the kits?? Can't find it anywhere.
We received 2 kits last week and both myself and the other nail tech have been using it with no problems at all. The top coat goes on really nicely!....not clumpy or thick at all. I bet you got a bad bottle Sad

Hopefully OPI gets back to you......a little bit of a CND flashback when they first launched Shellac! Lol!
I have been having similar issues with the gelcolour polishes hardening. My first lot of base and top coat hardened before I even had a chance to use them. They went completely hard in the bottles. My second top coats brush has now gone hard and so has the strawberry margaritas brush which makes them unusable. Very frustrated, would like to know how to avoid this from happening!