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Full Version: Service Time - 4 hours on 1 client!!!
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I'm a mobile nail tech and I find that some customers take me longer than others due to things like distractions at home (i.e. answering phones, texting, restroom breaks, etc.), hands/feet in poor condition, not starting on time, etc. Just the other night, I spent 4 hours at a client's home and all I did was a pedi (no polish), gel removal and then gel mani and the money definitely wasn't worth my time. As of now, I charge by the service and I also charge a nominal wait fee when necessary. A change is definitely in order so I was thinking one of two things. One, I could set a time limit for each service that includes a small grace period and then charge the client by the minute for any additional time over that. My other thought was to charge the client by the full or half hour. I'd love any suggestions or feedback you have regardless of whether you are mobile or salon-based. Thanks!
sounds like you might need to lay down some ground rules just like you'd do in a salon. First, either no phone calls during the service unless it's hands free or the calls must be limited to a minute or less. Second, children need to either be well behaved or a sitter needs to be there to attend to them. It's hard to work on someone who's dealing with an inquisitive child who wants to see what you're doing to mommy or who wants to be a lap sitter. Definitely a no go in my book. Third, reserve the right to increase your price if the nails or toes are in bad shape. Kinda like a hair stylist does, she doesn't charge one price for perms or hair treatments usually. The longer the hair the higher the price. Same with nail services, inspect the feet/hands and inform them THEN the price is going to be more. Have a basic fee and go up as needed. Fourth and finally, if you see you're going to run over due to customer issues, let them know that if the 'interuptions' continue there's going to be an additional charge because it's going to run you behind for your next client.
I'd make out a brochure or a hand out to give them to read while you're setting up your tools. That way they can't say they didn't know....
Thanks for the feedback!! :-)
I would definitely have an "interruption" policy. Worded correctly should that should be fine. Also, i try to tell people that its to allow them to enjoy the service more if they just "relax".