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Full Version: fast growing nails?
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Okay – am I reaching? This makes sense to me but maybe because I need it too nails grow extremely fast (as does my hair), so, this leads to a ‘sidewall’ free edge – that of course is not ‘sealed’ because it was the ‘sidewall’ when I did my gel manicure ...after 8 or 9 days, I seem to get a tiny separation where the sidewall now becomes/meets the free edge – the few gel mani clients I have are not having this issue (thankfully) – it’s me, myself – and it does make sense to me but ...does it to you? I can lightly buff and ‘reseal’ to give myself a few more days but I seem to not get much more than 8 or 9 days before I need to do this ...maybe I need to protein bond my entire nail bed, not just the tip?? Can I blame this on fast growing nails or am I reaching? Otherwise my gel mani wears well - the very free edge (that which existed when I did my mani) is not separating and no lift at the cuticle.
It makes sense to me. I would try protein bond on the entire nail plate and not just the free edge. This should eliminate the separation that you're having on the sidewalls. See if you can get 14 days or more out of your gel manicure. I'd love to know if that works for you. Keep me posted... thanks!

Bowie, MD