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Full Version: Changing state license question.
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What is the process of changing a nail license to another state? As in from Nebraska to South Dakota.
Ive looked on their websites but not finding anything.
Jennie.. you may not be using the proper search words.. the term you need is "reciprocity". The terms depend on both states.. some allow, some do not.. some allow from neighboring states, some allow from states with MORE or equal hours, some allow for states with less hours but you need to do the difference in an accredited school. Some make you jump through hoops then say nah we're not going to allow it.. some say I don't care its not going to happen, some the exchange is easy as pie..

Call YOUR state and ask.. then call the other state and ask them. I recently did this between NY & VA.. never left my house, wrote 2 emails, sent 2 checks and whamo thank you mam, my VA license was in the mailbox when I arrived there. Another friend in NY tried to move her license from Fl and it was a 2-4 year ordeal - she gave up I believe.. Good luck!

I wanted to add a NC license. All I had to do was send TN $50 and a letter stating I was adding NC license. They sent info to NC. NC posted on their site and I sent them money and it was done. Different states, different ways.
I figured it was a matter of $$ which is fine. Where in Gods green earth is a school to get more hours in South Dakota? lol
2 hrs of work experience count for 1 hr of school when applying for reciprocity license.
Wow talk about jumping through hoops for this one. Must retest as well as having a notorized statement from salon owner that I have worked 2 hours for every hour they require that NE didnt have. SD has 400 hrs as opposed to NE 300 hrs. The retesting freaks me out.
retest written, practical or both?
Both. I didnt have to do the practical in NE. Id like to know for a practical, whats all involved.
I'm going on 4 months waiting for mine. I applied for reciprocity in Missouri, after moving from Montana back in February. My suggestion is to start (get your paperwork all ready to go) as soon as possible, even before you think you need to. I spent about a month just waiting for the state board to tell me what I needed to do, online wasn't an option and detailed instructions can only be obtained from the board, they aren't available in any reference. So, after several emails and phone calls I was finally able to get it sorted out (or so I thought). when I sent everything in they waited another month to contact me and tell me that two of the documents need to be original notarized documents (I just sent copies because I was not instructed otherwise). So now I am waiting on original "copies" from my old state (which I had to pay for, btw), then when I get them I have to have them notarized and resend them. In the meantime I am stuck with no license. It's been an infuriating process, it really should be as easy as Debbie explained, but I'm afraid most states don't have a reliable system that's online.
(05-21-2013, 10:29 PM)jennie Wrote: [ -> ]Both. I didnt have to do the practical in NE. Id like to know for a practical, whats all involved.

The SD people or site should detail out what the practical is about. Some states use the same testing system. If memory is right there are 2.. NICE and NIC.. See if you can determine if SD does one of them.
Usually if the state you go to requires more hours for their license than where you came, you will have to take classes. Arizona is a 600 hr state so reciprocity is usually not a problem for me.