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Full Version: Spreadsheet for tracking inventory & supplies?
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Does anyone have a spreadsheet for tracking inventory and supply levels? I know how to make them, I just am not sure how I should be organizing it and wondered if someone already had a template. TIA!
Me too!
I don't really track inventory, because I have things stored together pretty much, so I can see at a glance what I am getting low on. When it comes to supplies (vs. product) I order in bulk, so that makes it easy. For example, nail wipes I buy a case of 5,000 - so when I'm down to my last four packs or so it's time to reorder, and to keep things simple I will stock up on anything else that I buy from that supplier so that I save on shipping, plus I save time receiving and putting away product. For most products I buy, I only have to purchase them once or twice a year (saving time and money dealing in bulk). Some items I may buy more frequently, but not many. Other things like Footsie Bath liners, I will order a case of 100 when I get down to about two weeks worth left (and again will re-stock anything else I use that comes from that vendor), but I watch for sales and will purchase sooner to catch a good deal. Doing it this way makes it almost a no-brainer, which is why I (spreadsheet geek) don't have a spreadsheet for inventory.

Are you looking to just do a straight inventory? To me that means listing all products, the cost and quantity you purchase them in, then the on-hand amount, and determining your reorder level. That's pretty straightforward. Or, are you looking to track how much you're using in services? That's a whole different ball game! Smile