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Full Version: Accepting Credit Cards on Iphone.
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I am looking into this and trying to decide on which app to use. Do any of you accept cc on your phone? If so which app do you use and what are the pros and cons?

Yes and the best app is Square. They will send you a card reader and if you swipe the card the percentage, I believe, is 2.75%. I think most of the ladies on this forum use it. There really IMO are no cons ;-)
Absolutely the square. No statement fees is awesome. And no per transaction fees are unbeatable. Plus the swiper is free and it saves the email addy of those who want receipts. It's a no brainer.
definitely the Square card reader....just make sure you've got a good signal where you plan to use it or the swipe screen won't load.....
How do you deal with tips. When looking at it, it appears that you can only input by percentage over $10. My clients all tip a specific amount, it looks like I will end up gettin smaller tips if they do I wrong?

Thx, Anne
I tried it % and dollar amount and now I just say "it's $65 what would you like to put on the card?". That works well enough. I felt like I was losing money with the % and dollar amounts when they did it.
To deal with tips, I bring up the screen, then hand my client my phone and let them input the amount they want. That way they can add the tip if that's what they want to do. It does have a tip function or you can turn that off. I've got mine turned on, but I don't like the set tip %'s so I'm going to go back to the way I had it originally.