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Full Version: a different kind of lifting issue
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i have multiple acrylic clients come in for their fill, most 2 weeks, some 3 and their nails are completely lifted off the nail bed except for the very tip, that doesnt want to come off for nothing. i understand a little cuticle lifting but not sure why almost the whole nail has detached. i thought i was doing thorough prep work. i use a shiver bit or ball bit and remove the cuticle then still rough up the nail with my file, clean with 99% alcohol and prime, sometime twice. i have tried it all...diff primers, nail fresh, protein bond, linkage. any ideas???
I had a problem like this many years ago. No matter what I did, I couldn't get it right. Someone told me the liquid to powder ratio was off. Then an outstanding company educatoer told me to use their powders with another company's liquid as the powders would work with any liquid. This helped. I eventually went to another company and have used their entire line for several years with no big issues.Some products work well for some techs and not for others. For a place to start, I would talk to someone that is familiar with your product or call the company for help.
my first thought is the primer is contaminated. I've found when I start having lifting issues, acrylic or gel, I check to see how low my primer is in the bottle. If it's really low, within 1/4" of the bottom, then chances are good you're picking up debris and depositing it on the nail. Check your primer and see. I keep an extra bottle on hand at all times so I can switch immediately.
i must admit that i am a mixer. when i used an entire line of one brand i had tons of issues so i have now found a liquid that works well with other powders. i know its ''so wrong'' to mix brands but i cant afford to keep buying new, im trying to use up what i have ya know. hopefully a new bottle of primer will do the trick.
i would love to hear what lines you ladies use/used and what works best for you.
not so much on the lifting , but the staying on at the tip ,
is this happening with sculpting or tip and over lay ?
sometimes when the form is not quite right some product can get under the free edge and incase the natural nail free edge from both sides , making it really hard to get the nail off , maybe this would explain them still being attached at the free edge ,
most times i use tips, i rarely use forms cause i just cannot get comfortable w them. sometimes it is just an overlay on the natural nail