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I have recently discovered that by using an e-file without the foot control is much better for the sciatic pain I suffer from. That said, the one I am using works great, but I would like one that doesn't bog down when taking down lenghth, or working st a lower speed. The one am using now I got from Premier Nail Source, and it is a great machine for the $125. I paid. I bought it to use on a few of my pedi clients whose big toes I rebuild. Looking at the one from YN , but wondering if all of them do that bogging down thing. Thanks for any help ! Smile
I could recommend that you talk to Simmy Bredal-Bell, [email protected]

We just had a class with her a few months ago, and she talked about the bogging down of different makes of efiles while doing pedicures. She really knows her efiles, which ones would suit you according to your needs, and she sells various units at very fair prices.

As a matter of fact, we learned so much from Simmy in one day that it was amazing. She is a wonderful educator and a great source of information. She is helpful and always professional.
The YN file definitely does NOT bog down! I love mine. I also have a cheaper e-file - I think Artistic? - and it will bog down at the low-low setting, but otherwise it doesn't and works ok. I was using it at the pedi station, but now I have my studio set up so I can share the e-file between my table and pedi area, so I'm thrilled, as I prefer the YN e-file by far.
Yes,CandiceAE, it seems to be we worse at slower speeds, but I hate to have to keep adjusting it to keep it from bogging.I have been looking at the YN machine for a while, the price is a little scary, but I am ok paying for good quality...I have a small cubby I keep my e-file in just under the middle of my table, wondering if it will fit there...