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I received my package of all 28 matching gel polish and polish (I already had the other 8) Friday, but just got around to opening the box today. All of the colors are gorgeous! If you're on the fence about which colors to order, the answer is ALL of them. Well, there are two very light pinks that are almost identical, so that's a bit disappointing, but maybe they will look different when applied. Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to get them all on my sampler fans so I can see how they go on. I will report back on the coverage with two coats. I'm thinking it's been a long time since I've worn sample nails, so maybe I need to re-do my three week old manicure! Never mind the clients, I'll just do my nails...
I agree! I love these colors! I got 26 of them ...also agree on the 2 light pinks, too similar (Texas Rose & I Left My Heart in San Francisco). Texas Rose is a bit cooler but they are very similar. I have used several so far and very pleased with color coverage. I do find Parisian Pastille is a bit sheer, which was a bit disappointing to me as it is listed as opaque ...otherwise very pleased.
The colors are amazing! And I promise you are going to love the application.. remember.. Fuze - very thin and only on free edge is she is a good sticker.. Base reasonably thin - no dry wiping needed or shrink-back in my experience when you apply thin. Apply the colors as you would polish, a little less on the brush though. The pigments are strong so 2 coats even on the dark colors gives fantastic coverage!

You really should use the Veneer Conditioning Soak for removal (cotton ball/foil method recommended after breaking the seal with a 180grit file), it makes a huge difference in removal if you soak off. Filing off was very quick also.

I found a color discrepancy with one of the Matchmakers kits ...the color Tel Aviv ...the Lacquer was the tan as shown on the website but the Veneer was distinctly gray me it looks like 'Soaked in Seattle' that was mislabeled as Tel Aviv at the factory ...I am wondering if anyone else has order Tel Aviv Matchmakers & noticed this? I called the company - they are looking into it. But I was told that R & D was aware that this color ( Tel Aviv) were not a dead on match and the color will be tweaked ...but the Veneer I received was not even close to the color of the Lacquer. I did send a 'pic' of a tip painted with half the Lacquer & half the Veneer to show the difference but have not heard back since I emailed it last night ...of course it's the weekend now, so probably be a few days. They did offer to send me a Matchmakers kit of my choosing which was nice.
I have both the polish and gel polish - the Tel Aviv color is a bit more gray than the polish in the bottle, but once on the nails and cured it looks tan. I am currently wearing the Soaked in Seattle as base, with three polka dot colors, one of which is the Tel Aviv - which looks tan and is nothing at all like the Soaked in Seattle. Definitely sounds like there was a labeling mishap.
here is a 'pic' of a tip; the top color is lacquer, the bottom is the veneer (I didn't actually have a camera available this weekend - so I scanned the image of the nail this is a scan, not really a photo Smile )

[Image: img006.jpg]
Hmmmm, those don't even look like mine! Mine are a soft, creamy taupe.
(05-21-2013, 01:43 AM)CandiceAE Wrote: [ -> ]Hmmm, those don't even look like mine! Mine are a soft, creamy taupe.

the colors are little off I think due to the fact that it's a scanned image rather than a picture ...but as you can see, the two products are very different in color - the lacquer, in person I would describe as a moderate buff/nude color (not really taupe) - but the veneer is quite gray. Maybe they are both wrong, IKD(??)

CandiceAE ...the lacquer & veneer that you received in the Tel Aviv were fairly close in color?
I just finished a gel mani with polish pedi in these colors on a client, we could not see a difference in color.
(05-21-2013, 07:18 PM)CandiceAE Wrote: [ -> ]I just finished a gel mani with polish pedi in these colors on a client, we could not see a difference in color.

thanks for letting me know something is REALLY up with my duo!
Do you cap the free edge when using Cuccio Colour Veneer? I didn't read it in the instructions.
some techs do, some don't Smile
I haven't been capping the free edge at all. You might have to on those who tend to be a little harder on their nails.. I LOVE how it stays shiny myself...
I never cap the free edge, as I prefer to finish filing the f/e after I've completed the gel polish application.
I've had veneer over my acrylic for three weeks now and it still looks great! I'm loving this product! Could someone please tell me what their whitest white is? Is it super white or kind of creamy color? Are there any beauty supply stores carrying it. Thanks
They really only have one gel French white that I know of - "Verona Lace" - it's fairly bright white although online it looks a bit ivory but it IS a bright white - the application is awesome.

I don't get out to the supply stores much - they are all too far except for Sally who of course does not carry this. There are plenty of online sources though - The Industry Source, Cuccio & Star naturally ...a few others if you just Google Cuccio Veneer
Their whitest white is true white and awesome!
Thanks girls. I appreciate the info and can't wait to use it on my backfills!
I truly love this product . I am wearing the black color right now which i don't have any luck with other brands. Color doesn't shrink or pull away from cuticle at all, stay perfect more than a week. I still waiting to see how long it's going to last on my nails.
Candace can you share which top coat you use? I'm having trouble with both Gelish and Cuccio tc peeling off clients and myself Bulbs are new.. ;0/. I tried looking for a previous post of yours on what you have successfully used .... Thanks so much...
I'm sure Candice will jump in ...I believe she uses the Cuccio top coat too, never had any trouble with it ...wish I had more to offer
Loribe is right, I only use the Cuccio top coat - and it makes the nails so strong and the shine is awesome. I have never had trouble with peeling with any brand, however, so there is something going wrong with the process for you. I would say that maybe your product is bad, except it's a problem you're having with multiple brands... Not to be insulting, but you are using the gel polish top coat and not inadvertently using regular polish? I don't know what to suggest since it's only the top coat that is peeling for you...
Is Cuccio Veneer a colored gel polish?
Yes Sue, it is a gel polish - pure gel no lacquer odor - in a brush on polish bottle. It is LED or UV curable and you can see the line at: Free shipping on ALL orders over $75 - all day, every day, no coupon code needed Smile

The Dual Cure Lamp that is used with the Veneer line is on deal right now!
Dual Cure Lamp Uv/Led 110volt
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