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Full Version: Got Vinylux and doing the test
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I was the lucky one to get the last bottle of the Vinylux topcoat. I am trying out a sheer pink, negligee.
It goes on a bit different than regular polish because it dries real quick. The only big complaint i have is there is no ridge filler. With the sheer all my ridges are showing through. I guess this wont happen with a dark color but I don't want to wear a dark color or buff my nail down to nothing. Also, I did find the brush to be a bit awkward. I like to swirl it around to use the other side that has the extra polish on. The brush is slippery and doesn't just swirl around in your fingers easily, maybe its just me.
If it stays on the the full week that will be a miracle. I tried Dazzle Dry which goes on nicely and does self level but it chips way too quick just like all other polishes do. But, the Dazzle is rock solid dry in minutes.
I lived the vinylux. Mine didn't chip for 5 days. Which is a miracle for me. I am fortunate to have regular laquer last more than 24 hours. My coanoprof is fully stocked on the stuff and I have already bought a ton. I was extremely impressed Smile
I didnt want to stock up just in case. Waiting for my local beauty supplier to get it in. If it stays on for a few days I will buy a few colors.
Oh totally. I did't buy the full size until after I tested the mini summer collection. Hope you like them Smile
OMG! They have mini's???? I would have bought them. Oh well, lets see what my local store gets.
Yeah, I got the summer collection in minis with a top coat for $12. Not too shabby Smile
If something seems too good to be true, it is!
By day 3 almost all nails chipping! I have natural nails and do not abuse my hands or nails in any way. I want my money back! I traveled far for this stuff. I will try once more. Maybe I didn't prep my nails enough. I'm so disappointed but not surprised.
Are you using regular polish with it? Or the vinylux polish?
Only Vinylux.
How many days have you had it on and any signs of wear?
So bizarre. I had 5 days without a chip, then my middle finger on my right hand chipped in the corner. And when it did chip I took it off and put on some gelish. That is a total bummer, it worked really well for me.
I just put on my trial run of Vinylux in Tropix and found it to be really streaky. I ended up having to do 3 coats on my toes to get decent coverage. Of course, painting my own toes is not always the easiest did two coats on my fingernails and they look okay, but still a tad streaky - I may redo them. The topcoat is really thick and it is glossy, but not a really high shine.
I am going to the beach this coming week, so I'll see how it holds up and report back!
I tried it again. THis time i did 3 coats alson. I used negligee.
Not a real great shine but it was fine. It lasted almost 5 days except for my thumb at 4 days. Just the top coat came off the thumb, weird. Not a big fan of this except that it dries quick.

Bummer! At least you had a go at it Smile