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Full Version: Just some nails :)
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[Image: cf207299-cdc8-4c34-9750-07ad302cafd4_zpsed80e7a3.jpg]

[Image: ertqret_zpsf82834dc.jpg]

[Image: we_zps26ad6795.jpg]

[Image: eq_zps37da2c5f.jpg]

[Image: qwe_zps6595f89e.jpg]

[Image: rtywrt_zpsb3414c7b.jpg],

[Image: rtttttwy_zps9d430b94.jpg]

[Image: lyufjh_zpsfecd05ac.jpg]

[Image: ujyuj_zps286263f0.jpg]

soap dish! Brush holder Smile [Image: 2012-09-19203306_zps460f25b8.jpg]

sorting colors
[Image: 2012-01-15045126_zpsd1f5c798.jpg]
Nice share Smile love the soap dish idea!
(05-08-2013, 08:57 PM)CluuryMcFluury Wrote: [ -> ]Nice share Smile love the soap dish idea!